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Revenue Recovery

Stop losing money to failed payments and churn

Automatically recover lost revenue, prevent churn, and increase customer lifetime value through targeted customer interactions.

Get started in days with no integration and performance-based pricing.
Collect more revenue

Data-driven interactions to optimize recovery rates

Proactively engage your customers using automated workflows, to recover failed payments, reduce debtor days, and avoid customer churn.

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Identify patterns at the industry, segment, and individual customer level. Our specialists then design customer interactions to collect outstanding payments and reduce churn

Automatically trigger omnichannel interactions with embedded self-service and payment options

Get rich insight into successful tactics, cancellation reasons, and preferred channels and payment methods to improve retention strategies

Continuously optimized with no work on your part, using A/B testing to increase success rates.

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What our customers love


Increase first-time payment success

Through smart transaction routing, failovers, and retries


Increase revenue recovery rate

Through data-driven, omnichannel interactions and embedded payment options


Optimize return on effort

Triage recovery tactics based on customer segmentation and propensity to pay


Predict and reduce churn

Proactively engage with customers with targeted offers


Reduce operational costs

Minimize development and support costs for payments and collections
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Keep customers for longer

Personalized offers to increase customer retention

Drive persistency, customer advocacy, and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities through targeted offers based on behavioral data.

Identify at-risk customers and reach out with personalized interactions and offers to keep them engaged
Proactively engage customers to reduce involuntary churn, such as credit card expiry management, end of trial interactions, and automated plan renewals
Reward your customers for making a payment. Set up targeted reward offerings such as vouchers, discounts, and airtime
Retain customers who fail due to insufficient funds with payment plans, part-payments, plan downgrades, and options for family members to help them pay
Increase adoption, cross-sell, and up-sell success through targeted, timely offers based on rich analytics
Get going fast

Seamlessly integrated

Seamlessly integrate into your existing systems and processes, mitigating upfront cost and risk to your business


Straightforward, secure setup

Get started with a simple data extract or API integration. We plug in securely to your existing systems, maintaining compliance and reducing upfront costs


Ring-fence or integrate from day one

Test the value with a ring-fenced pilot or slot into your existing channels, with smart time delays and dynamic omnichannel workflows


Give your call center superpowers

Embed payment options into your call center operations, enabling agents to collect a payment while on customer calls

Even if you have an existing solution, our success rates are likely higher. Plus, we only charge you for the revenue we recover.

Unmatched insight

Powered by rich analytics that increase ROI

Revio combines existing data points, enriched analytics, and industry expertise to recover arrears and retain your customers

  • Segment customers using behavioral, transactional, and demographic data points to identify most profitable customers with a high propensity to pay

  • Identify offers, messaging, and payment methods that generate the best success rates

  • A/B test interactions to optimize effectiveness

  • Monitor customer engagement and refine internations with real-time invoice and channel tracking

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